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Welcome to the AATC

The Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Center (AATC) is responsible for operational and developmental evaluations, tactics development, and evaluation for all Air Reserve Component (ARC) weapons systems. AATC is also home to ARC's ground-breaking efforts in Innovation enterprise and Software Development through ARCWERX and Corsair Ranch.

This composite flying organization is composed of A-10, C-130H, F-15, F-16, HC-130, HH-60, and KC-135 aircraft at four geographically separated units. Additionally, AATC is chartered to modernize the ARC's Battlefield Airman Enterprise which includes Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR), Cyber, Space, and all other Combined Test Forces (CTF).

AATC is a unique, efficient, and extraordinarily effective organization driving "80 percent solutions at 20 percent of the cost" and remains focused on continuing the legacy of unmatched response to warfighter requirements and transformational support to Air Force missions.


Air National Guard Air Force Reserve
Command Test Center

1600 E. Super Sabre Dr, Bldg 10
Tucson, AZ 85706-6081

Comm: 520-295-6910/6912-6913  DSN: 844
Comm Fax:  520-295-6808

Org Email:

Col. Jason R. Halvorsen   Col. Darrell L. Hubbard

Jason R. Halvorsen

Darrell L. Hubbard

Vice Commander,


The standard bearer for streamlined test, modernization, and innovation. Through credible test initiatives, expedite warfighter focused capability to enhance combat lethality across the breadth of battlespaces. Weave the AATC axiom “80% solution at 20% of the cost” into the fabric of Air Force modernization practices. Impose cross-cutting strength at the leading edge of conflict and competition.

Rapidly test critical requirements to meet field-driven initiatives for all ARC weapons systems. Expedite cutting edge combat capability inside adversary conceptual and developmental loops.

AATC History

The Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Center (AATC) was founded as the Fighter Weapons Office in 1981. It was initially dedicated to supporting aircraft software improvements for the A-7 aircraft which was flown solely by the Air National Guard. The Test Center was formally established by an agreement between the Tactical Air Command Director of Operations, the Director of Requirements, and the Directors of Operations from the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. In 1987, the Fighter Weapons Office was renamed the Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Center and has operated as the Air Reserve Component's (ARC) primary test and evaluation center.