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Mission and Vision Statement

  • ANG CHAPLAIN CORPS MISSION STATEMENT: Developing spiritually fit Airmen for homeland and global operations.


  • ANG CHAPLAIN CORPS VISION STATEMENT: Locally, Globally -- Always on Mission
  • About

    Military Chaplains minister wherever forces serve, providing a religious ministry response to the needs of service members, families and other authorized personnel whether at home base or deployed.

    • Religious observances and worship services
    • Spiritual and religious educational materials
    • Confidential counseling
    • Grief ministry -- Grief counseling/support groups
      and grief management

    Helpful Information

    • Make the Connection
      Site provides resources and videos for various life events and experiences, signs and symptoms, and conditions and has several videos with spiritual resilience as a component. The site also provides support information to family and friends of military personnel.
    • Armed Services Ministry
      Hosted by the Armed Services Ministry Division of the American Bible Society. In collaboration with VA Chaplain Services, site provides biblical based resources to assist individuals struggling with despair, hopelessness, grief, sadness, anger and other emotional stressors
    • Joint Service Support
    • TAPS
    • Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    Phone Numbers

    Suicide Prevention

    1-800-273-TALK (8255)

    Military Crisis Line
    1-800-273-8255 (Press 1)

    Sexual Assault Response:
    DoD Safe Help Line