Col. Pat O'Brien explains the proper to way to document and take prescription drugs while in the Air National Guard.
Capt. Casey Ross from the Montana Air National Guard - 120th Airlift Wing shares her story of overcoming mental health challenges. She credits her Wing DPH and Commanders with helping her find the tools she needed. This powerful story has much more to it, check back soon for the full story of how the Air National Guard saved her life and her career.
An Airman shares her story of how she has overcame suicide by a simple reminder.
Allen Blair, a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator with the 149th Fighter Wing, shares how he turned a terrible situation into motivation to help others.
Watch the impact the AFW2 Program Warrior Care Events have on Airmen in the Air National Guard.
U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. McDonald, a religious affairs craftsman assigned to the 167th Airlift Wing, explains how the Airmen and Family Programs manager helped him get back on his feet during a difficult time in his life.
Chaplain Christina Pittman shares thoughts on what resiliency can be to Airmen.
Col Kenneth Lozano, ANG Chief of Diversity, breaks down the different aspects of Diversity and Inclusion and how it impacts ANG mission effectiveness.
Airmen from the 181st Intelligence Wing have a unique mission that can add to holiday stress. Learn how Air National Guard chaplains help Airmen.
The ANGRC recently held a resiliency event, please consider holding similar events at your wing to help your Airmen know what services are available to them.
This video debunks the myths of drug testing in the military, by explaining the process in a fun way.
Air National Guard leadership introducing prevention webpage.


The Department of Defense’s 2018 Annual Suicide Report released Thursday indicates the National Guard has the highest suicide rate of all military components, underscoring the significant challenges it faces preventing Soldiers and Airmen from taking their own lives.
The National Guard’s suicide rate has climbed higher than the active duty and Reserve’s, according to an annual Pentagon study released Thursday. In response, officials are looking for new ways to help troops feel comfortable coming forward about their issues and getting help they need.

Pillars of Resiliency

Air National Guard members are faced with a number of unique challenges during their military career that may affect their families, jobs and local communities.

These four pillars contain separate key concepts that when used together can help create a 
checklist to drive towards success.

Mission and Vision Statement

ANG PREVENTION PROGRAM MISSON STATEMENT: To create a culture within the Air National Guard that seeking help isn't a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

ANG PREVENTION PROGRAM VISION STATEMENT: To produce pertinent educational/prevention materials across all disciplines that guide our Airmen towards the five pillars of wellness; Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social and Family 365 days a year, and to create an understanding that the ANG is there to help at any time, not just during a drill weekend.

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Phone Numbers

Suicide Prevention
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Military Crisis Line
1-800-273-8255 (Press 1)

Sexual Assault Response:
DoD Safe Help Line


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