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Welcome to the Air National Guard

Welcome to the official website of the Air National Guard, the Air Force component of the National Guard. This site is provided as a public service by the National Guard Bureau Public Affairs and Office of the Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs.

ANG Mission

As the primary combat-ready reserve of the Air Force, the Air National Guard provides mission-ready Airmen to safeguard the homeland, serve our communities, and to execute global operations. 


As an integral part of the Joint Force, we are focused on:

Provide manned, trained, equipped, and cohesive units ready to meet 
the demands of our Combatant Commanders and Governors

PARTNERSHIPS:  Build relationships internally and externally through trust, transparency & communication. 

PEOPLE:  Recruit and invest in a diverse, physically and mentally resilient workforce, recognize and retain talent, and achieve a sustainable family, military service and employer balance. 

POLICY:  Improve our efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating redundancies and mission distractors, and enabling our Airmen to find and implement innovative solutions.

FORCE STRUCTURE:  Employ modern and interoperable equipment, systems and processes that are deployable, sustainable, and overmatch current and future threats, through concurrent and proportional recapitalization
and modernization.