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  • The Journey: Response to Commentary

    It is true that every Airman has a story, yet most are too afraid to share it with strangers, mental health professionals, friends, family or even those closest to them. They do this for many reasons: possible rejection, judgment, shame, loss of career, or fear of the unknown. The stigma associated

  • At the Turning Point: A Commentary

    Life happens. At least that’s what people like to say about down times. Grief, anxiety, depression, anger; all symptoms of “life” when things seem to go downhill. What happens when it becomes too much, when your vehicle of life coasts downhill so fast that the brakes are just burnt out? Where is

  • Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – ride safe

    Beautiful spring weather was a long time coming this year in Ohio. April 13 was the first really perfect day for motorcycle enthusiasts. For one unfortunate rider, it was his last day on earth.

  • What's Your Why?

    We all need to have a laser focus on our “why.” Our why is what keeps us going when we’re tired. Our why is what gives us the extra boost to get over the top, and our why is what makes us great.

  • Service before self, an immigrant’s journey

    This Independence Day we celebrate America’s 241st birthday and I am filled with gratitude for all our nation represents, and the opportunities I’ve been given as a naturalized citizen and as a member of the Arizona Air National Guard.