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Connecticut Guard Deploys Cloud-Based Radar/Radio Connection

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Morgan Whitehouse,
  • 165th Airlift Wing

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Airmen from the 103rd Air Control Squadron, Connecticut Air National Guard, became the first National Guard unit to deploy and execute a cloud-based radar and radio connection of the Tactical Operations System-Lite (TOC-L) May 15 during exercise Sentry Savannah.

The TOC-L mission took place over 12 hours. Members began at sunrise, loading the TOC-L kit onto a Georgia Army National Guard CH-47 Chinook at Hunter Army Airfield. From there, an eight-person team was airlifted with the equipment to Townsend Bombing Range, where they assembled the kit and established a remote connection in under an hour. After running several scenarios, they broke down the system in 25 minutes and flew back to HAAF.

“The TOC-L is a highly mobile, compact system designed for rapid deployment and advanced airspace tactical control,” said U.S. Air Force Maj. J. Seth Bopp, 103rd ACS director of operations. “TOC-L integrates advanced battle management systems with cloud-based command and control capabilities, allowing for seamless airspace tactical control from anywhere in the world.”

Traditionally, such systems require extensive infrastructure, staffing and logistical support. However, the TOC-L can be packed into about two dozen hand-carried cases and operational in one hour, using a fraction of the personnel.

“One of the most groundbreaking aspects of TOC-L is its agility,” said Bopp. “Downrange, this is a game-changer as it allows for decentralized teams to rapidly move across an area of responsibility, like island chains across Indo-Pacific Command, and still hold positive control of the airspace. The smaller the footprint we have, the safer our Airmen are.”

The TOC-L milestone was accomplished during Sentry Savannah 2024, the Air National Guard’s premier fighter integration exercise involving more than 775 personnel and 40 aircraft. By aligning with Sentry Savannah, 103rd operators and maintainers could test and validate TOC-L’s bleeding-edge technology in a simulated, contested environment.

“This groundbreaking deployment showcased that TOC-L will transform air superiority, and the 103rd ACS team is to thank for leading Air Force tactical communications forward,” said Bopp.