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130th AW and 317AW partner for training

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Alancea Grant
  • 130th Airlift Wing

CHARLESTON, WV – The 130th Airlift Wing and the 317th AW join forces for a momentous inter-fly, showcasing their exceptional capabilities and fostering collaboration between the two units.

This partnership allows more experienced C-130J units to provide quality training and growth opportunities. "The 317th AW is leading many AMC initiatives and is known across the C-130J enterprise as being outstanding aviators and leaders," said 130th Operations group commander Col. Stephen Shy, "it is a great opportunity to work with them as we continue to sharpen our skills as a C-130J unit."

The recent conversion to C-130J-30 has provided many new opportunities for Airmen at the 130th Airlift Wing in Charleston, W.Va. The previous experiences with the C130H model developed a foundation for continuing to exceed the standards within the C-130J community. Notably, this conversion has established consolidated missions with the 317th Airlift Wing and the 317th Operations Group at Dyess Air Force Base, TX.

Currently, the two units fly joint missions quarterly. Additionally, the inter-fly is supported by Air Mobility Command (AMC) advisors from Dyess, who provide their experience, leadership, and insight.

While leadership collaborates with Dyess, the involvement and support being received could be more substantial. "Dyess drafted the definitions of these missions for our training regulations and has exhausted a lot of time and effort on planning and executing them since their inception," said 130th Airlift Squadron Director of Operations Lt. Col. John Zirkle.

The Operations and Maintenance teams work together to fulfill the robust and specific training requirements. By partnering, the units achieve improved training and greater flexibility while organically generating fewer aircraft and crews. "I would specifically highlight that we can achieve greater large formation experience, improved integrated mission training, and increased integration of our tactics and intelligence by aligning our efforts with Dyess," Shy said.

The unit continues to build upon Agile Combat Employment's capabilities to build resilience and improve lethality. Posturing through Air Force Force Generation (AFFORGEN) should provide predictability to airmen and other major commands. Partnering with units sharing the AFFORGEN timing offers improved planning and training opportunities before deployment.

"This is a challenging task for any organization," said Shy, "I am beyond proud of our Airmen across the Wing for the amazing progress and successes we have achieved."

"As we have prided ourselves on for many decades, our partnership with the 317th continues to demonstrate that the men and women of the 130th remain Ready to Go!" said Shy.