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The Air National Guard's 13th Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Maurice Williams Visits the 186th Air Refueling Wing

  • Published
  • 186th Air Refueling Wing

KEY FIELD AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, MS -- The Air National Guard’s 13th Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Maurice Williams visited the 186th Air Refueling Wing and its enlisted force at Key Field Air National Guard Base, Meridian, Mississippi, Jan. 6. Williams, who serves as the highest enlisted leader for the ANG, has been traveling to wings sharing the vision for the Air Force and Air National Guard. During his visit to the 186th ARW, Williams conducted a town hall where he spoke on the importance of the role of people and culture in organizational success and to the future of the ANG.

“We have to continue to evolve as an Air Force and Air National Guard to remain effective,” said Williams. “We have to change the way we train. We must evolve to keep up with time and competition. The number one factor in our success is the people in this room.”

Additionally, Williams met with the 186th ARW’s enlisted organizations to get the pulse of the enlisted force and address concerns at the Airman level, including the Junior Enlisted, and the Chiefs Council.

In these meetings, Williams emphasized the importance of leadership and Airmen’s obligation to be leaders. 

“It should be our priority to build the best individuals no matter your rank,” Williams said. “You are more valuable when you understand the building and the operation.”

Williams encouraged Airmen to evaluate their impact. When speaking with the junior enlisted, one topic he emphasized was the importance of making a difference in your organization. Some key takeaways he shared were to invest in ourselves, monitor our circles, and embrace the journey. 

“This is your time to maximize your opportunity," said Williams.

Williams met with the Chiefs’ Council to discuss his view of the 186th ARW and his vision for them as senior enlisted leaders. Speaking about future changes that are meant to increase readiness and effectiveness, Williams emphasized the role of senior enlisted leaders in preparing people to lead people. “What will you do with your power, what will you change?” asked Williams. 

“This is your time and what is most important is what you do with your time,” said Williams.

Before departing the 186th Air Refueling Wing, Williams left members with some thoughts for self-reflection. 

“Many of you will leave here with either a plaque or a trophy, but one thing you are guaranteed to leave here with is a DD214,” said Williams. ”On it, you’ll have a beginning date and an end date, but the most important thing will be the dash in the middle. What did you do during that dash in the middle? What impact did you have? What lives did you change? Who did you inspire? This is your time. This is your opportunity. Maximize it.”