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Wisconsin Guard Security Forces Conduct Augmentee Training

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Kellen Kroening,
  • 128th Refueling Wing

MILWAUKEE - The Wisconsin Air National Guard’s 128th Air Refueling Wing Security Forces Squadron geared up for its annual augmentee training, reinforcing its readiness. 

After years of program dormancy, Col. Adria Zuccaro, 128th Air Refueling Wing commander, authorized the 128th Security Forces Squadron to reactivate its augmentee and unit marshal programs to bolster installation defense posture if needed.

“We are excited to have several enthusiastic members from work sections around the 128th Air Refueling Wing participate in the robust training and adding capability for these important ID programs,” said Lt. Col. David Hellekson, Security Forces Squadron Defense Force commander.

The augmentee training program, an essential component of the squadron's operations, prepares selected members to step into specialized roles during heightened security or crisis. 

Augmentees support security forces during emergencies or unusual conditions. The short-term augmentee needs include installation-level exercises, events, contingencies, wartime and emergencies.

Over several days, participants in the program receive comprehensive training in threat assessment, perimeter defense and emergency response protocols. This hands-on experience equips these security forces with the skills to augment squadron personnel during emergencies.

“It was very rewarding to help develop multicapable Airmen who are ready and willing to support the 128th Security Forces mission,” said Staff Sgt. Brian Buster, a Security Forces Squadron member conducting the training. “I was impressed by the energy, professionalism and dedication that each trainee carried throughout the training cycle.”

The 128th's commitment to security and its augmentee training program reflects the unwavering dedication of its personnel to safeguarding not only the air refueling wing but also the broader community. The unit's emphasis on preparedness and professionalism ensures members are ready to respond to any threat or crisis, serving as a vital component of the nation's defense.

“I’m thoroughly impressed with the ability of these guys to come out and jump in the ring right away,” said Master Sgt. Matthew Wierzba, unit training manager for the Security Forces Squadron. “They fought hard in combatives, volunteered to get Tased, and exposed themselves to a shoot house in combat arms. They really just dove in headfirst on some of the most difficult tasks we train.”