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Air National Guard Command Chief Visits 105th Airlift Wing

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  • 105th Airlift Wing

NEWBURGH, N.Y. - U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Maurice L. Williams, the command chief of the Air National Guard, visited the 105th Airlift Wing Dec. 2 in Newburgh, New York.

As the voice of the Air National Guard’s enlisted corps, Williams visits Air National Guard installations to ensure the voices of the enlisted force are heard. He oversees the enlisted force and serves as the principal advisor to the Director of the Air National Guard.

He met with leadership, visited the Top Three and First Six Council meetings, had lunch with select enlisted members and hosted a town hall to answer questions and inform Airmen.

The First Six Council is an organization consisting of the first six enlisted ranks, E-1 through E-6. The Top Three Council consists of the top enlisted ranks, E-7 through E-9. By speaking to these councils, Williams was able to tap directly into the challenges Airmen face every day.

There was one message Williams consistently conveyed throughout the day, “Every Airman is important.”

“We need you. The success of every Airman saves the country. Each Airman makes a difference,” said Williams. “There are a lot of changes coming and we need to be able to adapt.”

Williams spoke about funding to overhaul the distance learning program for professional military education, enabling Airmen to constantly grow and maximize their skills. He also highlighted the need for additional training to sustain the Air Force’s prioritization of multi-capable Airmen. These Airmen are skilled in maintaining their professional growth and personal well-being.

“If you hurt yourself, you would get that checked out. You must also do the same for your mental health,” said Williams, explaining the importance of both physical and mental health.

During his visit to the council meetings, Williams encouraged both councils to think about the importance of a mission and vision statement.

“The vision statement is what you hope to become. The mission statement is why your organization exists,” said Williams. “To recruit new members, they need to know what you’re about.”

He reminded Airmen that they are all recruiters and play a pivotal role in representing the Air National Guard.