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DEVCOM Soldier Center Participates in Rhode Island National Guard STEM Event

  • Published
  • By Jane Benson,
  • DEVCOM Soldier Center Public Affairs

NATICK, Mass. – The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center, or DEVCOM SC, recently participated in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Exploration Open House hosted by the Rhode Island National Guard at the Quonset National Guard Base in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Lt. Col. Alyce Pagliarini of the Rhode Island National Guard was the event’s primary outreach coordinator for all exhibits.

“The Rhode Island National Guard STEM Innovation Day welcomed over 400 STEM students from across the state,” said Pagliarini. “The event provided an opportunity to engage with over 40 exhibitors, which included business, academic, and military entities. Each exhibit allowed for an interactive experience, encouraging curiosity and exploration while inspiring creativity.”

DEVCOM SC’s participation in the event reflected the organization’s commitment to promoting STEM outreach and mentoring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The Soldier Center’s displays included:
-a sensor-based Soldier performance prediction tool called RAMP-UP;
-augmented reality/virtual reality capabilities;
-neurostimulation for performance enhancement;
-human augmentation systems, including exoskeletons and the Dephy ExoBoot;
-Black Hornet 3 small unmanned aerial system;
-blunt impact technologies;
-T-11 reserve parachute;
-T-11 cargo/caster assisted door bundle system;
-powered paraglider gear;
-helmets and body armor.

Yoojeong Kim, Ph.D., the lead for DEVCOM SC’s Innovation & Outreach Team, said the event was an opportunity to spark interest in cutting-edge technologies and for students to learn about civilian and military STEM careers in the Department of Defense, the private sector and academia.

“Students had the opportunity to see and interact with exciting new technologies that are being developed in military organizations, including the Soldier Center, and how the new technologies can impact and improve Soldiers’ lives,” said Kim. “Hopefully, they will be inspired by the technologies and will pursue careers in the military or in other STEM career fields.”

Brady Loomer, DEVCOM SC’s STEM lead coordinator, said the event was important to stimulate student interest in STEM careers and all roles supporting DEVCOM SC’s mission.

“STEM has the power to inspire even those students that are not interested in being a scientist or an engineer,” said Loomer. “Innovating the future requires all sorts of minds and skills. If students can realize the outsized impact of the work that is happening at Soldier Center, hopefully, they will want to become a part of that mission.”