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13th ANG Command Chief visits the VaANG

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Kellyann Elish and Danielle Lofton
  • 192nd Wing

JOINT BASE LANGLEY-EUSTIS, Va. -- The Air National Guard’s 13th Command Chief Master Sgt. Maurice Williams, visited the Virginia Air National Guard’s 192nd Wing and its enlisted force Oct. 14, 2023, at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia.

In his role, Williams is responsible for matters that affect the health, morale, and welfare of the ANG enlisted force and their families. During wing visits, Williams spends a great deal of his time sharing his vision and providing guidance from the senior leadership of the ANG and the U.S. Air Force.

“With the Great Power Competition upon us, it is important that every Airman is aware of and understands the direction of our senior leaders,” said Chief Master Sgt. Sean Fretwell, 192nd Wing command chief. “The Air Force, Air National Guard and the VaANG will reoptimize for GPC and that requires an efficient and focused enlisted force as we emphasize unit readiness and Airman resiliency.”

Williams conducted a town hall where he recognized and engaged with Airmen across all levels and spoke about the future of the ANG.

“There’s a lot of changes coming about,” said Williams. “We have to continue to change and evolve to be relevant, it’s mandatory. But you have to keep that driving force in you to move forward.”

Williams also emphasized to the Airmen the importance of taking care of their mental health.

“You have to keep driving both personally and professionally,” said Williams. “Take care of your mental health in the same way you would take care of your physical health. I need you to be the best you can be. I want you to be the best you can be, but we have to remain focused and locked in.”

Additionally, Williams met with the 192nd Wing’s enlisted organizations to get the pulse of the enlisted force and address concerns at the Airman level, including the Junior Enlisted Council, the First Sergeants’ Council, the Top 3 Association, and the Chiefs’ Council.

Williams encouraged all of the Airmen he spoke with to evaluate the way they operate. When speaking with the JEC, he encouraged them to begin thinking about how they can be most effective with helping their fellow junior Airmen. One topic he emphasized was the importance of having a mission and vision statement saying, "A vision statement is what an organization hopes to become and a mission statement is why the organization exists."

Williams continued to encourage readiness and the importance of assisting Airmen however possible. He shared his vision of putting a first sergeant in each squadron with the First Sergeants’ Council.

A select number of junior enlisted members joined Williams for lunch and had the opportunity for more one-on-one questions and insights.

Williams met with the Chiefs’ Council to discuss his view of the 192nd Wing and his vision for them as senior enlisted leaders. Speaking about the power of relationships, Williams said, “Sometimes, as leaders, all it takes is relationships and a conversation. As an enlisted leader, you never know when a single comment can build a person up and help them to realize they can succeed. They just want someone to believe in them.”

“As Williams finishes out his tenure as the ANG Command Chief, it was a great opportunity for him to see what the Airmen of the 192nd bring to the fight and defense of America,” said Fretwell. “Being a tenant wing at JBLE comes with challenges, but also comes with great opportunities that other ANG wings don’t experience. As a classic association, it’s important to see how we are structured and interact with our sister wings at JBLE. Chief Williams received a detailed briefing on our unit missions and those challenges we face as we meet these. He will be able to relay directly back to [the National Guard Bureau] what our priorities are and where our focus will be moving forward.

“I believe the visit went very well and could not be prouder of the 192nd Wing. I feel confident that Chief Williams enjoyed the visit and got a good sense that each and every Airman of the VaANG will be ready when called.”

Before departing the 192nd Wing, Williams left members with some questions to think about.

“Many of you will leave here with either a plaque or a trophy, but one thing all of you will leave here with is a DD214,” said Williams. ”On it, you’ll have a beginning date and an end date, but the most important thing will be the dash in the middle. What did you do during that dash in the middle? What impact did you have? What lives did you change? Who did you inspire? This is your time. This is your opportunity. Maximize it.”