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Air National Guard CCMs seek professional development during CCMSTC

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. David Eichaker
  • Air National Guard

LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, TX -- Professional development was at the forefront as newly assigned Air National Guard command chief master sergeants (CCM) attended the Air National Guard Command Chief Master Sergeant Training Course (CCMSTC) from Feb. 6-10.

Twenty-four command chiefs and senior enlisted leaders were in attendance for the 40-hour course designed to prepare them for advanced roles and responsibilities, they heard from senior enlisted leaders across the Air National Guard.

“The CCMSTC develops strategies for deliberate approaches to problem-solving of complex situations, further promote critical thinking, and moves the mindset to a strategic-level to help manage organizations,” said Chief Master Sgt. Maurice Williams, the 13th command chief master sergeant of the Air National Guard. “The command chiefs will better understand their roles and become more effective for commanders and the enlisted force at their home units.”

The Air National Guard sends approximately 60 new command chief master sergeants to this course each year as the ANG invests in leadership and has the support from the top National Guard enlisted leader.

“You have taken the next step in developing yourself as leaders and mentors of our enlisted force,” said SEA Tony L. Whitehead, senior enlisted advisor to the chief of the National Guard Bureau. “This is important for the strength of the Air Force and the Air National Guard and if we don’t develop our leaders, we cannot be effective as an overall organization, and this is key in strengthening our force.”

The command chief is the senior enlisted leader at a wing or higher levels and is a key member of the command’s leadership team. A CCM is the commander’s key enlisted advocate and advisor to ensure the commanders’ policies are carried out.

The course facilitators lead discussions on topics related to Air Force and Air National Guard policies and procedures, and the methodology in leading and managing the enlisted corps. Presenters provide strategic insight into Department of Defense, DAF, and ANG events, and focus on key issues affecting the service.

“Gaining the strategic knowledge provided by the course prepares senior enlisted leaders (SEL) for tomorrow’s fight,” said Chief Master Sgt. Cameron M. Pieters, command chief master sergeant and SEL for the Nevada National Guard. “The topics and discissions guided everyone to look at situations differently to effect change and elevate their organizations. In the end the Airmen and Soldiers of the National Guard benefit from strong leadership.”

While at the course, the chiefs received instruction on the Senior Leader Management Office, pacing threats, and roles of the command chief were just a few topics during the course.

“[The training] equips newly selected command chiefs with the methods, resources, and network to support growth, development and real-life approaches for themselves and the enlisted corps,” said Williams.
Others agreed.

“The continued improvements to enlisted professional development, career enhancement, and professional growth is essential to our fighting force,” said Whitehead. “It’s so crucial for us as leaders in the National Guard to provide the tools for you to be a better advisor to your commander, utilize your folks effectively, and to the best of your abilities.”