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Active Duty for Operational Support


Critical initiative to support valid, unanticipated and non-recurring projects or missions throughout the Air National Guard Readiness Center and National Guard Bureau.

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OFFICER Positions

20-025, Maj - Lt Col, CAB/CAT Action Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-026, Colonel, ANG Advise and Assist Team Chief (AAT Chief) (Joint Base Andrews, MD - Forward deploy to 156th Airlift Wing, Carolina, Puerto Rico)

20-024, Capt - Lt Col, PFOS/PFOA Staff Officer, NGB/A4, ANGRC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-023, Capt - Lt Col, Centralized Credentialing & Privileging Coordinator, ANGRC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-022, Lt Col, Deputy Division Chief, ANG Recruiting & Retention (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-015, Capt - Lt Col, Cyberspace/ Space Forces Programmer, (NGB/A5/8) (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-014, Lt - Maj, Executive Officer (NGB/A5/8), (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-013, O-1 to O-3 (Lt - Capt), Drug Demand Reduction Program (DDRP) Contract Manager (NGB/SG) (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-012, Col, ANG Advisor to Air Force Recruiting Service Commander (NGB/A1) (Joint Base Randolph, TX)

20-011, Capt - Lt Col, A5 Cyber Operations Officer (NGB/A5/8) (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-008, Capt - Lt Col, A5 Electronic Combat Officer (NGB/A5/8) (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-005, Capt - Lt Col, Mobility Operations Scheduler (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-004, Maj - Lt Col, International Affairs Specialist / Security Cooperation Desk Officer (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2020B DIRMOBFOR, Colonel, Director Mobility Forces (DIRMOBFOR) Initial (Hurlburt Field, FL)

20-006, Capt - Lt Col, Strategic Basing Project Coordinator (NGB/A5/8) (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-156, Maj - Lt Col, State Partnership Program (SPP) LNO/ Security Cooperation Desk Officer (NGB/A2/3/6/10) (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-153, Capt, Chief, Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness Section (NGB/A4) (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-150, 1Lt - Maj, Public Affairs Special Projects Officer, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-148, Capt - Maj, INFOSEC Specialist (NGB-JS) (Arlington, VA)

19-149, Capt - Lt Col, J2 Situational Awareness Cell (NGB-Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-146, Capt - Lt Col, Executive Officer (Pentagon)

19-144, Lt Col, Lead, National Guard Studies Process and National Guard Innovation Priority (NGB Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-143, Maj, Assistant, Executive Officer NGB J8 (NGB Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-139, Lt - Maj, Budget Analyst, Execution Plan OIC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-138, Lt Col, Office of Complex Investigations - Legal Advisor (Joint Base Andrews, MD )

19-135, Capt -Lt Col, Innovative Readiness Training Program Manager, (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-126, Col, Strategic Analyst & Policy Officer (NGB Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-127, Maj - Lt Col, Joint Policy/Strategy Analyst (NGB Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-120, Capt - Maj, Action Officer (Pentagon)

19-132, Maj - Lt Col, Senior Project Manager MILCON/ SRM (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-131, Capt - Lt Col, NGB A2/3/6/ 10T EUCOM Exercises Desk Officer (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-125, Capt - Maj, Administrative and General Law Attorney (NGB-Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-123, Capt - Lt Col, Air Congressional Liaison Officer (NGB-Joint Staff) (The House of Representatives)

19-115, Maj - Lt Col, Regional Medical Plans Officer, Region I -FEMA Region I (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT) (Home Station)

19-118, Lt Col - Col, NORTHCOM Chief NG/USAR Legal OPS (Peterson AFB, CO)

19-111Ch1, Capt - Maj, KC-46/OSA Functional Area Manager (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-103, Capt - Lt Col, ANG Conversions Action Officer, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-098, Maj - Lt Col, Chief, Drug Demand Reduction Program (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-053, Capt - Lt Col, Facility Conversion Programmer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-052CH1, Capt - Lt Col, ANG Real Estate Action Office (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-023, Capt-Lt. Col, A5 Action Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)





Enlisted Positions

20-025, MSgt - SMSgt, CAB/CAT NCO (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-027, SSgt - SMSgt, Air Transportation FAM, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-021, SSgt - MSgt, Cyber Surety Technician, ANGRC CCYC, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-020, SSgt - MSgt, Network Operations Technician, ANGRC CCYC, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-019, TSgt - MSgt, Financial Services Manager, ANGRC CCYF, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-018, MSgt, Counterdrug (CD) State Plans Budget NCO (NGB-CD) (National Guard Bureau, Arlington, VA)

20-017, SMSgt, Counterdrug (CD) Resource Management, Superintendent (NGB-CD) (National Guard Bureau, Arlington, VA)

20-016, SMSgt (P) - CMSgt, Federal Programs Mobile Air Surveillance System (MASS) Program Manager (NGB-CD Host National Rider) (Dobbins ARB, GA)

20-013, MSgt - SMSgt, Drug Demand Reduction Program (DDRP) Contract Manager (NGB/SG) (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-010, SSgt - MSgt, Creative NCO, ANG Recruiting and Retention (NGB/A1) (3 Ewing Place, Essex Junction VT)

20-009, SSgt - MSgt, Requirements Technician (NGB/A1) (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-007, MSgt - SMSgt, A5 Deputy Program Manager (NGB/A5/8) (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-042, SSgt - SMSgt, Senior, Clinical Informatics, (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-003, SSgt - MSgt, ANG Office of Diversity and Inclusion Administration (NGB/CFD) (ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-002, SSgt - MSgt, Program Training Manager (NGB/A1) 3 Positions (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

20-001, SSgt - MSgt, ANG Federal Tuition Assistance Program Training Manager (NGB/A1) 2 positions (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-162, MSgt - SMSgt, Special Assistant to the Air National Guard Director's Action Group (NGB/CF) (Pentagon)

19-157, SrA - MSgt, DTS Admin (NGB Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-161, SSgt -MSgt, Human Resource Manager, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-158, TSgt - SMSgt, ANG Conversions Action Officer (NGB/A5/8) (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-155, SSgt - SMSgt, Readiness Program Manager (NGB/A2/3/6) (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-152, MSgt - SMSgt, ANG Occupational Safety Program Evaluator (NGB/SE) (ANGRC, JBA)

19-151, MSgt - SMSgt, ANG Occupational Safety Assistant Manager (NGB/SE) (ANGRC, JBA)

19-148, SSgt - MSgt, INFOSEC Specialist (NGB-JS) (Arlington, VA)

19-149, TSgt - MSgt, J2 Situational Awareness Cell (NGB-Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-142, TSgt - MSgt, AF/A3 - Enlisted Liaison: Air Reserve Component Requirements (Pentagon, Washington, DC)

19-139, SSgt - MSgt, Budget Analyst, Execution Plan NCOIC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-117, SSgt - SMSgt, Office of Information and Privacy (OIP) NCOIC (Arlington, VA)

19-122, TSgt - MSgt, Public Affairs NCO (NGB-Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-116, SMSgt, Plans NCO (Pandemic) (NGB Joint Staff) (Arlington, VA)

19-114, TSgt - MSgt, Fulltime Provider Program Rollout Mgr., (SGP, Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-108, SSgt - MSgt, Special Security Office Support (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-106, SSgt - MSgt, Case Management Team, Care Coordination Manager (JBSA-Randolph AFB, TX)

19-105, TSgt - SMSgt, Regional Drug Demand Reduction Program Manager (multiple regions) *Previous applicants need not apply* (Member's Home Station)

19-101, SSgt - MSgt, Technician 3R Incentive Program Manager (A1P), ANGRC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-100, TSgt - SMSgt, CRE Force Health NCO (Arlington, VA)

19-096CH1, SSgt - MSgt, Yellow Ribbon Budget & Resource Manager (A1) (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

19-091, MSgt - SMSgt, HRA Program Coordinator Support (NGB/CFD) (Joint Base Andrews, MD)











HR Contact Info

DSN: 612-8884
Comm: (240) 612-8884