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A critical part of the innovation process for the ANG enterprise, is the sharing of information, good or bad.  This will help us prevent making the same mistake more than once, and also help us repeat something that works.  In partnership with the Total Force, we are using Ideascale for the collection and sharing of this valuable information. Each project funded with SIF needs to have its description loaded into Ideascale.  This page explains the essentials of that process.

1. The Wing Innovation POC or designated person to represent a particular project will need to register at Ideascale.  You are required to register using a .mil email, but once this is accomplished, you can login later with a username and password if you would prefer.

2. Once registered in Ideascale, open the main page and scroll down to the Campaigns.  Click on the Innovation Vignettes campaign, pictured below.

3. Click on Submit Vignette and fill out the form that appears.

4. It is essential that you choose Air National Guard in the MAJCOM selector, and use the appropriate tag in the tag window.  For projects funded with SIF 2018 funds, please use the tag sif18.  For projects funded with SIF 2019 funds, please use the tag sif19.  Please use these exact tags as this will allow us to see all ANG data at a glance.

5. Please update your projects as appropriate.

Thank you for doing your part in sharing this information.

Contact your ANG Innovation Team

Colonel David Kaiser

Chief Innovation Officer, ANG

Captain Bobby Carbonell
Deputy Director, ANG Innovation

MSgt Peter Whalen
Innovation Evangelist, ANG

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