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VRS 193004, TFAM Staff Officer, Maj - Lt Col

Air National Guard (ANG) MPA Opportunity

CLOSE OUT DATE:  15 Jan 2017
AFSC REQUIREMENT:  Any 11X, 12X, 13B or 18X
TOUR LENGTH:  1 year with the potential extension of 1-2 years
LOCATION:  AF/A3XI Pentagon, Washington, DC

Position Description (Duty Description)

Selected officers will serve as Action Officers in the AF/A3XI Total Force Aircrew Management (TFAM) Division.  Duties will include management of various projects designed to integrate the management of RegAF, ANG and AFR aircrew resources as directed in the TFAM Charter.  Specific duties include developing improvement strategies in support of the Fighter Enterprise Redesign (FER); adding analytical rigor to the AF's aircrew management process; ensuring accurate / effective assumptions are agreed to across the HAF / MAJCOMs when predicting the future health of aircrew specialties across all AF components; conducting surveys, aircrew conferences and participating in various teams to address issues affecting the rated Total Force; and assisting in the completion of other TFAM taskings and routine HAF staff taskings  All positions are for a minimum of 12 months, with the potential to extend up to 2 additional years. 
Recent rated experience required.  Current security clearance (minimum Secret).  Previous Wing, NAF or MAJCOM staff experience desired.  IDE completed or in progress. Strong written and verbal communication, analytic skills, tact, initiative, and work ethic mandatory.  Ability to adapt to dynamic situations, detail oriented, ability to expertly coordinate diverse teams of stakeholders, and ability to professionally interact with Senior Air Force leadership mandatory.  Exemplary standards of military appearance, decorum, and diplomacy.  Familiarity with statistical software (SAS), advanced MS Excel, and quantitative analysis skills a plus. Per Diem will not be paid; personnel selected must be willing to accept PCS benefits or live locally. Two positions are being advertised; one hire will be ANG and 1 hire will be AFR. This announcement is also posted in ARCNet (VRS 193004).  Ideal candidates will start NLT 30 Jan 17, however there is possibility of starting earlier if so desired (contact POC to discuss). 

ADOS / MPA Application Procedures form: Located at:   http://www.ang.af.mil/careers/ados/index.asp.  These positions are also listed in VRS as job 193004.
Resume: (SF171 not accepted)

Physical Fitness Assessment: Current Physical Fitness Test (all pages) within past 12 months. Must be valid for up to 90 days from date of application submittal.

AF Form 422 - Notice of AF Members Qualification Status: With NO restrictions and validated within the last 60 days from the date your application is received.   Form must indicate member does not have a deployment restriction (Code 31) or is undergoing an MEB (Code 37).  "Working copy" will NOT be accepted. Upon final selection, you may need to provide an updated AF422 within 60 days prior to the tour start date.  

vMPF RIP: Must  include all pages.
Log in to AFPC Secure: https://w20.afpc.randolph.af.mil/AFPCSecureNet20/PKI/MainMenu1.aspx
Select vMPF  (almost the last item on the list)
Verify your information
Select Record Review/Update
View/Print all Pages

PCARS RIP:  Point Credit Accounting and Reporting Systems From vMPF or MilPDS

Sanctuary Waiver:  IF TAFMS is 16 years or greater; must submit a Statement of Understanding Waiver of AD Sanctuary.

1095 Day Analysis:  Letter from Budget/Comptroller with analysis of how many days performed during the last 1,460 days.    

TAG/Wing (CC) Acknowledgment: Wing Acknowledgment required for 90 days or less.  Wing and TAG required for tour length over 90 days

POC Position: 
Lt Col Robert Devlin
DSN 225-8932
Comm:  703-695-8932

POC Application Procedures:
Lt Col Robert Devlin
DSN 225-8932
Comm:  703-695-8932

**Submit applications using VRS or directly to POC.

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