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17-020, Any AFSC, MD, IRT Resource Advisor, C/O Open until Filled

Air National Guard (ANG) ADOS Opportunity

CLOSE OUT DATE:  Open Until Filled
POSITION TITLE:  Resource Advisor
TOUR LENGTH:  30 Sep 17 (Pending Funding Approval)
LOCATION:  ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD

Point of Contact for the Position: Lt Col Troy Cramer, Chief IRT section

Position Description (Duty Description)

Duties and Qualifications: 
This position is located under the NGB/A3D Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Program.

· Advises Air National Guard Innovative Readiness Training Program Manager on all financial matters.  Manages Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Pay & Allowance (P&A) budgets supporting ANG IRT personnel/equipment
· Ensure Unit's Comptroller receives Funding Authorization Documents (FADs)
· Ensure funds are distributed properly to earmarked ESP coded projects
· Utilize AF Form 1269, Request for Target Load, to transfer funds within ESP coded projects to the proper PC (SMA) Codes
· Utilize SF 1081s for accounting adjustments to transfer money changing the Department, Fiscal Year, or money amount
· Utilize  Journal Voucher (JV) transactions for accounting adjustments, to include movement of disbursements, obligation adjustments and cost transfers
· Recommend future budget/spend plan requirements
· Monitors annual budget to ensure accuracy of obligations via multiple databases, reports & open documents listings to include:
· CRIS (Commanders' Resource Integration System)
· FM Suite
· EDA/EDM (Electronic Document Access/Management)
· OARS (Obligation Adjustment Reporting System)
· Coordinates IRT supply and service procurements with Contracting Office by initiating AF Form 9s, Requests for Purchase, in Automated Business Services System (ABSS) to commit funds
· Once contract is written and funds are obligated, monitors IRAPT (Invoicing, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (formerly WAWF) to receive and accept invoices for supplies and services
· Manages / Monitors the IRT Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program
· Initiates creation of new GPCs for projects as needed
· Utilizes ABSS to create AF Form 4009, Government Purchase Card Fund Cite Authorization, to load funds onto GPC
· Maintains a transaction log with a running balance of available funds
· Ensures orders are created and matched for all transactions in Access Online
· Defense Travel System (DTS) Authorizing Official (AO)
· Reviews and digitally approves authorizations, and authorizes vouchers
· Tracks balance of available travel funds
· Air National Guard Reserve Order Writing System (AROWS)
· RA approves all orders that use IRT funded days
· Tracks balance of available IRT days
· Creates and accepts DD 448 Military Interdepartmental Purchase requests (MIPRs)
· Processes AF Form 406 Miscellaneous Obligation/Reimbursement Documents (MORDs) as needed

Secret Clearance is required.  Strong skills with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Task Management Tool (TMT) are preferred.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required for this position.

ADOS Application Procedures form: Located at:   http://www.ang.af.mil/careers/ados/index.asp 
Resume: (SF171 not accepted)

Physical Fitness Assessment: Current Physical Fitness Test (all pages) within past 12 months. Must be valid for up to 90 days from date of application submittal.

AF Form 422 - Notice of AF Members Qualification Status: With NO restrictions and validated within the last 60 days from the date your application is received.   Form must indicate member does not have a deployment restriction (Code 31) or is undergoing an MEB (Code 37).  "Working copy" will NOT be accepted. Upon final selection, you may need to provide an updated AF422 within 60 days prior to the tour start date.  

vMPF RIP: Must  include all pages.
Log in to AFPC Secure: https://w20.afpc.randolph.af.mil/AFPCSecureNet20/PKI/MainMenu1.aspx
Select vMPF  (almost the last item on the list)
Verify your information
Select Record Review/Update
View/Print all Pages

PCARS RIP:  Point Credit Accounting and Reporting Systems From vMPF or MilPDS

Sanctuary Waiver:  IF TAFMS is 16 years or greater; must submit a Statement of Understanding Waiver of AD Sanctuary.

1095 Day Analysis:  Letter with analysis of how many days performed during the last 1,460 days.    

Wing and TAG required

Officers: Last 3 OPRs (no EPR for enlisted)   IAW MPFM 07-45 dated 11 Jul 07,  para 17b "OPRs on AFRC and ANG Officers are due to the CSS no later than 30 days after close-out and to HQ ARPC no later than 60 days after close-out."  

POC Application Procedures:
Ms Patricia Adamson
DSN 612-7183/8884
Comm:  240-612-7183

Please submit ADOS application to  usaf.jbanafw.ngb-hr.mbx.HR-ADOS@mail.mil. 

If unable to encrypt or the application is over 4MB, please forward via https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe/  to  usaf.jbanafw.ngb-hr.mbx.HR-ADOS@mail.mil 


Common Questions About ADOS Tours:

Q:  If selected how does the state cut my orders over the FY?
A:  FM POC:  If the  intent of the order is for the member to be on an order for over 180 days - TDY with PCS entitlements - then the order should be  cut for the entire period and place the statement below on the order. "Authorizations to cite the next fiscal year does  not constitute authorizations  to obligate funds until approved by Congress"

If no  days are available after 30 Sep of that year then the order can be cut back and the  member would still be entitled to be PCS'd back to the HOR.  

Q:  Is it Mandatory for ADOS Airman to attend ANGRC in-processing?
A:  HR POC.  Yes.  As of 1 Feb 2016.     

Q:  Do Guard members assigned on a permanent or temporary basis to support the National Guard Bureau have to be in Title 10 Status?
A:  Varies:    See CNGBI 301 01 20120423 para 4.  However, for this ADOS tour, the Airman will be in Title 10 Status.   http://www.ngbpdc.ngb.army.mil/pubs/CNGBI/CNGBI.htm

Q:  Can I be promoted while on an ADOS tour?
A.  POC A1.  Yes.  Airman are TDY to these locations and still assigned to the state.  Any promotion action would be processed through the STATE.

Q:  Do I receive an Evaluation on tour?
A:  POC A1.  No.  Airman are still assigned to the state during this TDY / with PCS Entitlements and may receive an Optional LOE.

Q:  Is this a PCS?
A:  POC:  FM - No.  However, Airman that are TDY from for over 180 days on this tour receive "PCS entitlements" per SAF Waiver.  This includes movement of household goods and DEERS associated family members.  Members must meet all medical qualifications if required.

Q:  Will I be a rater while on this ADOS tour.
A:  POC A1:  These duties shall not include management supervision, command, or direction of Title 10 military personnel, Title 5 civilian employees, or contractor personnel performing the work of the NGB.

Q:  Is there an API code associated with the tour?
A:  POC A1:  No.  Airman are still assigned to their State.  There is not a Unit Manning Document Position assigned to ADOS tours.

Q:  Is Tuition Assistance available while on an ADOS tour:
A:  POC A1 / 11 FSS Varies:  May be available while on Title 10 Orders dependent upon funding and length of tour. 

Q:  Do I out process my Base?
A:  Airman must utilize the unit and base out processing for a TDY.  Remember Airman remain assigned to the State during these tours. 

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