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16-089, A1C - MSgt, Civ Pay Analyst, Open until Filled

Air National Guard (ANG) ADOS Opportunity

CLOSE OUT DATE:  Open until Filled
POSITION TITLE:  Civilian Pay Analyst
TOUR LENGTH:  30 Sep 2016
LOCATION:  ANGRC, Joint Base Andrews, MD
*Two Position

Position Description (Duty Description)

Applicant performs broad-in-depth financial analysis of civilian pay systems concerning pay and various entitlements to resolve especially difficult and sensitive conditions associated with processing actions within civilian pay systems. Applicant analyzes particular facts of financial transaction problems/issues, verifies and evaluates data; obtains additional information to reconcile discrepancies or inconsistencies; and applies regulations, precedent decisions, and procedures to determine appropriate action for resolution of civilian pay issues. Applicant performs research on many different processes and methods relating to financial transactions for analysis of complex and unusual civilian pay transactions. Applicant analyzes results, and applies personal initiative and judgment to make recommendations. Applicant is expected to use civilian pay systems, document processing and the effects of transactions on existing records to modify normal automated processes while protecting historical data. Applicant also audits the full range of pay authorizations and entitlements to determine compliance with multiple laws, regulations, policies and issuances. Applicant will respond to request for assistance/information from civilian employees, and apply principles and practices involving data protected under the Privacy Act.
Applicant should have in-depth knowledge of the primary civilian pay systems, the Automated Time Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS), the Defense Civilian Pay System (DCPS), and Remedy. Applicant should have knowledge of ATAAPS Super User functions including, but not limited to, inputting time and attendance, running inquires within ATAAPS (i.e. Uncertified Employees and Missing Time inquiry), adding new employees, changing work schedules, adding and modifying teams, adding and modifying rosters, and assigning timekeepers and certifiers. Applicant should also have knowledge of DCPS Customer Service Representative functions including, but not limited to, processing specific non-SF50 employee data (address, union, allotments, charity, taxes, accounting classification), utilizing on-line inquiries, performing limited reference tables maintenance, and inputting work schedule changes and time and attendance for both retroactive and current pay periods. The applicant should have knowledge regarding the submission of tickets via Remedy as well.
Resume: (SF171 not accepted)

Physical Fitness Assessment: Current Physical Fitness Test (all pages) within past 12 months. Must be valid for up to 90 days from date of application submittal.

AF Form 422 - Notice of AF Members Qualification Status: With NO restrictions and validated within the last 60 days from the date your application is received.   Form must indicate member does not have a deployment restriction (Code 31) or is undergoing an MEB (Code 37).  "Working copy" will NOT be accepted. Upon final selection, you may need to provide an updated AF422 within 60 days prior to the tour start date.  

vMPF RIP: Must  include all pages.
Log in to AFPC Secure: https://w20.afpc.randolph.af.mil/AFPCSecureNet20/PKI/MainMenu1.aspx
Select vMPF  (almost the last item on the list)
Verify your information
Select Record Review/Update
View/Print all Pages

PCARS RIP:  Point Credit Accounting and Reporting Systems From vMPF or MilPDS

Sanctuary Waiver:  IF TAFMS is 16 years or greater; must submit a Statement of Understanding Waiver of AD Sanctuary.

1095 Day Analysis:  Letter with analysis of how many days performed during the last 1,460 days.    

TAG/Wing (CC) Acknowledgment: TAG and Wing Acknowledgment required.

POC Position: 
MSgt Dietrich, Robert W.
DSN:  612-8718
Comm:  240-612-8718

POC Application Procedures:
Ms Patricia Adamson
DSN 612-7183/8884
Comm:  240-612-7183


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