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DIRMOBFOR - 2016B 26 - 30 Sep 2016, Col, C/O 17 Jul 2016

Air National Guard (ANG) Senior Officer Deployment Opportunity

CLOSE OUT:17 Jul 2016
POSITION TITLE:  Director Mobility Forces (DIRMOBFOR) Initial Training
26 - 30 Sep 2016

LOCATION:  Hurlburt Field, FL

Position Description

We are currently accepting applications for Director Mobility Forces (DIRMOBFOR) initial training.  The course objective is to prepare selected total-force senior officers to manage, monitor, and coordinate air mobility forces that deploy in support of an exercise, contingency, war, natural disaster, or humanitarian relief operation.  Candidates should be Colonel with a high degree of air mobility expertise.  Typical candidates are active duty and Air Reserve Component (ARC) wing commanders, vice wing commanders, operations group commanders, and operations group deputy commanders.  Candidates for the DIRMOBFOR class should have a high potential for serving as a DIRMOBFOR or Deputy DIRMOBFOR.
The DIRMOBFOR is the COMAFFOR's and/or JFACC's designated coordinating authority for air mobility with all commands and agencies both internal and external to the joint force. The DIRMOBFOR is under the administrative control (ADCON) of the Commander, Air Force Forces (COMAFFOR).  Exception: Unless fully mobilized, ADCON for ANG members is retained within the ANG (201MSS). The DIRMOBFOR is normally a senior officer with an extensive background in air mobility operations and is familiar with the area of responsibility (AOR). The DIRMOBFOR provides direction and guidance to the Air Mobility Division in the theater air and space operations center (AOC).
In addition to DIRMOBFOR training, candidates will be required to attend designated exercises prior to filling the Dep DIRMOBFOR position.
Selectee can deploy in a volunteer status (Title 10-301) on MPA days requested utilizing CMAS AEF type MPA day request and should be available to deploy for the entire established tour length.


1.  BIO and Resume:  Applicable accomplishments listed will be considered in selection process.

2. Endorsement:
a. ANG Field Members (AGR, Tech, Drill) -- Must have State Adjutant General (TAG) or designated representative (i.e. ATAG/Director of Staff)
b. ANG Statutory Tour Members -- Must have Director or Designee Concurrence

3.  Fitness Standards: Member must be within fitness standards as established by AFI 36-2905. Plan accordingly to ensure your package arrives on time. Please submit a printout from AFFMS (AF Fitness Management System) via the AF Portal of your current fitness results.

4.  Last three required Officer Performance Reports (OPRs). IAW MPFM 07-45 dated 11 Jul 07, para 17b "OPRs on AFRC and ANG Officers are due to the CSS no later than 30 days after close-out and to HQ ARPC no later than 60 days after close-out."

5.  vMPF RIP:  All pages of vMPF RIP or records review RIP not more than 6 month old.   Data Verification Brief (DVB) brief is not accepted. It does not contain all information needed for qualification.

6.  PCARS data:


Packages will be reviewed to ensure qualifications are met.
No Grade substitution allowed

Ms Patricia Adamson
(240) 612-7183/8884

**Submit applications to  usaf.jbanafw.ngb-hr.mbx.HR-ADOS@mail.mil  or send via AMRDEC att https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe/ include announcement number.


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