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Federal Programs Host Nation Rider (HNR) Escorts (Multiple Vacancies)

Duty Title: Federal Programs Host Nation Rider (HNR) Escorts (Multiple Vacancies)
AFSC: Current or Prior Qualified Aircrew Preferred
Date Closed: Open Until Filled
Grade: E3 - E8
Location: USSOUTHCOM, Miami, FL
Duration of Assignment: 12-36 months

Duties and Qualifications: Must have Secret Clearance and be fluent in Spanish and English (listening, reading) testable to a 2+/2+ on DLFT.

Physical Standards: Must be able to pass a Class III Flight Physical and complete Initial Physiological Training.

Flies day and night CD missions over PN sovereign airspace onboard US Navy and USCS P-3, USAF E-3, and other aircraft, as required in order to conduct HNR support to the ABD program. Provide Airborne and Ground Escort for HNRs. Perform airborne duties in a non-rated capacity as an Operational Support Flyer. Translates inter-aircraft and intra-aircraft communications.

Involved in coordinating and maintaining professional relationships with foreign military, civilians, law enforcement agents, contractors, liaison officer teams and international agencies in Latin American countries. Travels to forward operating locations (FOL) and other sites as necessary to support USSOUTHCOM AOR CD operations.

Knowledge is desired in: military command and control and aviation terminology, joint service relationships and operational concepts. Provides communications liaison between ground-based command and control agencies and onboard personnel utilizing tactical radio nets. Acts as airborne liaison providing linguistic support for aircrew and HNRs, communicating with ground based command and control agencies and airborne assets tasked to execute detection and tracking of possible drug smuggling aircraft.

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