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13-073, Counterdrug Federal Operations Mobile Air Surveillance Unit Program Manager (CMSgt) - 10 Jul 13

Air National Guard (ANG) ADOS Opportunity

OPEN PERIOD: 10 Jul 2013
POSITION TITLE: Counterdrug Federal Operations Mobile Air Surveillance Unit Program Manager
TOUR LENGTH: 2 years
LOCATION: Dobbins ARB, Marietta GA

Position Description (Duty Description)

Supervises and manages the MASS staff and assures that applicable regulations, directives, and administrative policy are followed. Manages logistics and operations involving ground mobile radar systems and deployments, in support of COCOMS. Assures that assigned personnel are informed and knowledgeable of current missions and requirements, and ongoing activities/projects. Interacts with administrators, and program managers of the NG-J3-CD office, external agencies and personnel, and others in determining requested logistics support to Counterdrug MASS Operations. Evaluates the capability of MASS to provide support and plans and coordinates support to the maximum possible extent. Assures the accountability of funds, equipment, and supplies, and prepares regular regarding all COCOM taskings. Assures a thorough investigation to closure of any identified discrepancies. Negotiates, publishes, and monitors agreements or operational understandings between MASS and customer agencies/offices. Develops and implements a system of regular inspection/review of established support operations, equipment and supplies. Prepares, publishes and submits an annual financial plan for NG-J32-CDFR. Prepares and executes the annual budget within established controls. Reviews and approves/disapproves the expenditure of funds within the purview of CDF. Represents CDFR at conferences, meetings, working groups, reviews, and other interactions as may be necessary in the coordination/review process. Assures that CDFR personnel are properly trained to carry out assigned responsibilities.

1. ADOS Application Procedures form: Located at: http://www.ang.af.mil/careers/ados/index.asp Upper left corner: APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS.

2. Resume: (SF171 not accepted)

3. Physical Fitness Assessment: Current Physical Fitness Test (all pages) within past 12 months. Must be valid for up to 90 days from date of application submittal.

4. AF Form 422 -Notice of AF Members Qualification Status: With no restrictions and validated within 60 days prior to tour start date. Form must indicate member does not have a deployment restriction (Code 31) or is undergoing an MEB (Code 37). Working copy will not be accepted. Upon final selection, you may need to provide an updated AF422.

5. vMPF RIP: Must include all pages. Ensure your Total Active Federal Military Service (TAFMS) is listed on your RIP

6. PCARS RIP: Point Credit Accounting and Reporting Systems From vMPF or MilPDS

7. Sanctuary Waiver: If TAFMS is 16 years or greater; must submit a Statement of Understanding Waiver of AD Sanctuary.

8. TAG/Wing (CC) Acknowledgment: Wing Acknowledgment required for 90 days or less/TAG for over 90 days
9. Officers: Last 3 OPRs (no EPR for enlisted) IAW MPFM 07-45 dated 11 Jul 07, para 17b "OPRs on AFRC and ANG Officers are due to the CSS no later than 30 days after close-out and to HQ ARPC no later than 60 days after close-out."


Packages will be reviewed to ensure qualifications are met.

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