Welcome to the Air National Guard Readiness Center

Congratulations on your assignment to the Air National Guard Readiness Center (ANGRC). I would like to welcome you to our organization which is comprised of a group    of highly motivated and dedicated individuals. I hope that you find this tour with us rewarding. Working at the national level provides experiences that will help to enhance your career. By the same token, you bring a fresh look, different experiences, new ideas and valuable opinions. 

The ANGRC resides on Joint Base Andrews and operates out of Conaway Hall and Shepperd Hall. You have been provided a sponsor to help make your relocation as smooth as possible. They should be able to provide you information or contacts to ensure a smooth transition to the National Capital Region. Upon your arrival, you will attend our orientation that is designed to familiarize you with our organization and facilitate your basic in-processing requirements. 

If at any time you are unable to contact your sponsor or new directorate, please feel free to get in touch with the Human Resources Directorate at (DSN) 612-8884 or Commercial 240-612-8884. Again, welcome to our ANGRC team and we look forward to working with you!

Brigadier General, USAF
Commander, ANGRC

Travel Management Office

The Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO) is located 1500 W. Perimeter Rd in Suite 2700 and can be reached at 301-981-7520/4451.  This is also known as the Jones Building, which is the first tall building after going through the main gate.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday
8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Closed Thursdays for training.

For PPM/ DITY (Personally Procured Move/ Do It Yourself) move reimbursements, you are required to bring TWO copies of the required documentation for a reimbursement package as follows: PCS Orders, DDFORM 2278, DDFORM 1351-2, all applicable receipts & contracts, PPM checklist, empty & full weight tickets of the vehicle used with license plate number, make, model. We do not accept carbon copies of the receipts or weight tickets. Please ensure all documents are legible.

To schedule delivery of household goods (HHG) or unaccompanied baggage (UB) out of Storage In-Transit (SIT) please contact your moving company directly. For Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) release, please have your 1164, place where your items were stored, and stop by during walk-in hours for processing and release of shipment


The Financial Services Flight provides pay and travel pay related customer service to the military members and civilian employees at JB Andrews and assigned GSUs.

Lobby Hours: Walk-in 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Appointments upon request.

Contact Information

DSN: 857-6377
Comm: 1-877-729-2339 (PAY-AFDW)

Jones Building
1500 W. Perimeter Rd. Suite 2730
Joint Base Andrews, Md. 20762

Finding Housing

Temporary Lodging
Military members who are PCSing can reserve rooms at any time and stay up to 30 days if space is available. Space-A reservations can be made up to 120 days in advance, depending on the base occupancy; Space-A reservations for TLF can only be made up to 30 days in advance depending on the base occupancy.

On and Off Base Housing
Housing Management Office Contact Information
Phone (301) 981-5518
Fax (301) 981-5167
Email 11ces.ceac@afncr.af.mil
Address 2097 San Antonio Blvd
       Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762
Hours of Operation M-F 7:30am - 4:30pm

Resources and Helpful INFO

Child Care Central Registration
Exceptional Family Member Program
Youth Programs
Medical Care
Recreation & Leisure
The Courses at Andrews
Info Tickets & Tours
Outdoor Recreation
The Club at Andrews

  • HAF Badge: You are authorized to wear the HAF badge while you are assigned to the National Capital Region (NCR). Once you have served 1 year in the NCR, you are authorized to wear it for the rest of your career.

  • Ribbons: You are NOT authorized to wear your state ribbons on your uniform while on a Title 10 Stat Tour. You ARE authorized to wear state ribbons on ADOS because you  are still assigned to your state.