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The following are positions currently available in the Air National Guard (ANG) Active Duty Title 10 Statutory Tour Program. These vacancies are listed by closeout date order. Please note the mandatory criteria of each Military Vacancy Announcement (MVA) as these requirements may vary. 

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tabOfficer Positions 
2015/03/05 - 2015-005C1
Colonel, Director, ANG Forces PACAF, PACAF (Joint Base Pearl Harbor, HI)

2015/03/06 - 2015-048
Maj, Aide-de-Camp to the Secretary of the Air Force, SAF (Pentagon, DC)

2015/03/08 - 2015-046
Lt Col, Cyber Warfare Program Element Manager, A3 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/15 - 2015-052
Colonel, ANG Advisor to the AF Director of Logistics, A4 (Pentagon, DC)

2015/03/19 - 2015-053
Lt Col, Chief, Distribution Branch, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/19 - 2015-054
Lt Col, F-16 Operational Test Pilot, AATC (Tucson, AZ)

tabOfficer Positions Continued 
2015/02/27 - 2015-039
Colonel, Vice Commander, Air National Guard Readiness Center (ANGRC)/201st Commander, 201ST MSS, CC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/01 - 2015-033
Lt Col, Chief, Combat Air Forces Requirements Branch, A5 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/02 - 2014-313R1
Maj, Chief, C2 Weapons & Tactics, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2015/03/02 - 2015-038
Maj, Policy and Doctrine Staff Officer, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2015/03/03 - 2015-036
Colonel, Air National Guard Advisor to the Inspector General, AMC (Scott AFB, IL)

2015/03/04 - 2014-187R3
Maj, Chief, F-15/F-16 Standardization and Evaluation, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2015/03/04 - 2015-043
Lt Col, Chief, Operations Support Branch, NGB (Arlington, VA)

2015/03/11 - 2015-051
Lt Col, Chief, Officer Programs Policy Branch, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/22 - 2015-041
Maj, Case Management Team, Care Coordinator, SG (Randolph AFB, TX)

2015/03/24 - 2015-035C1
Colonel, Physical Evaluation Board Physician Member, SG (Randolph AFB, TX)

tabOfficer Positions Continued (2) 
No data available at this time.
tabOfficer Positions Continued (3) 
No data available at this time.
tabEnlisted Positions 
2015/03/02 - 2015-034
MSgt, Personnel Support NCO, A3 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/03 - 2015-042
SMSgt, Manager, Domestic Operations, A6 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/05 - 2015-044
SMSgt, Manager, Functional Area -Engineering Installation, A6 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/08 - 2014-263R1
MSgt, In-Service Recruiter, A1 (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2015/03/08 - 2014-352R1
MSgt, MILPERS Budget & Travel Manager, A3 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/08 - 2015-047
MSgt, Stategic Intelligence Analyst, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2015/03/10 - 2015-018C2
MSgt, Personnel Customer Service Manager, A1 (Buckley AFB, CO)

2015/03/11 - 2015-049
CMSgt, CEM, Manpower, Personnel and Services Directorate, NGB, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/11 - 2015-050
CMSgt, Chief, Enlisted Force Manager/3S0X1 Career Field Functional Manager, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/12 - 2015-045
CMSgt, STAT TOUR Chief Master Sergeant’s Program, HR

2015/03/19 - 2015-040
MSgt, Civil Engineering Training Manager, A7 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/26 - 2015-055
MSgt, Asset Management Optimization Program Manager, A7 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

tabEnlisted Positions Continued 
2015/03/01 - 2015-008
MSgt, NGB Ancillary Training Program Manager, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/01 - 2015-009
MSgt, Physical Standards Technician, SG (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/02 - 2015-006C1
CMSgt, Chief, Contracting Career Field Functional Manager, CCY (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2015/03/02 - 2015-037
MSgt, Journalist, Command Information Division, NGB (Arlington, VA)

2015/03/09 - 2015-028
MSgt, Non-commissioned Officer, ANG Protocol, CCI (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

tabEnlisted Positions Continued (2) 
No data available at this time.

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