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The following are positions currently available in the Air National Guard (ANG) Active Duty Title 10 Statutory Tour Program. These vacancies are listed by closeout date order. Please note the mandatory criteria of each Military Vacancy Announcement (MVA) as these requirements may vary. 

To apply for any vacancy, click this link for the Application Procedures.
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tabOfficer Positions 
2017/01/12 - 2016-368
Maj-Lt Col, Chief, Domestic Operations Resource Management Branch, NGB (Arlington, VA)

2017/01/12 - 2016-369
Maj-Lt Col, Branch Chief, Operations Execution Branch, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/01/16 - 2016-350
Lt Col(P)-Col, Statutory Tour Colonels Program, HR (Multiple Locations)

2017/01/16 - 2016-370
Maj-Lt Col, Chief, Plans and Programs Branch, FM (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/01/17 - 2016-371
Capt-Maj, Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Functional Area Manager, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/01/17 - 2016-372
Capt-Maj, Chief of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems Branch, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2017/01/17 - 2016-373
Lt Col (P)-Col, ANG Advisor to Director of Operations, AMC (Scott AFB, IL)

2017/01/18 - 2016-375
Maj-Lt Col, Chief, Fighter Inspections Branch, NGB (Peterson AFB, CO)

2017/01/19 - 2016-344R2
Lt Col (P)-Col, Air National Guard Advisor to Director of Plans (Scott AFB, IL)

2017/02/02 - 2017-002
Capt-Maj, Public Affairs Officer, NGB (Arlington, VA)

2017/02/06 - 2016-381
Capt-Maj, Manned Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Functional Area Manager, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/02/09 - 2017-010
Maj-Lt Col, Chief, Operations Training, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2017/02/12 - 2017-013
Maj-Lt Col, Assistant Executive Officer to the Chief, National Guard Bureau, NGB (Pentagon)

2017/02/12- 2016-367C1
Maj-Lt Col, Chief, Combatant Command and International Affairs Branch, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

tabOfficer Positions Continued 
2017/01/22 - 2016-361C2
Maj-Col, National Guard Joint Duty Assignments, Multiple Locations

2017/01/22 - 2016-382
Capt-Maj, Active Guard Reserve and Force Management Programs, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

tabOfficer Positions Continued (2) 
No data available at this time.
tabOfficer Positions Continued (3) 
No data available at this time.
tabEnlisted Positions 
2017/01/15 - 2016-278R1
SMSgt-CMSgt, Pararescue Career Field Functional Manager, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/01/18 - 2016-016R4
TSgt-MSgt, Chaplain Assistant, Joint Chaplain Office, NGB (Arlington, VA)

2017/01/18 - 2016-282R1
SSgt-MSgt, Personnel Systems Manager, HR (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/01/18 - 2016-374
SSgt-MSgt, Air National Guard (ANG) Air Force Recruiting Information Support Systems (AFRISS) Analyst, A1 (Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, TX)

2017/01/18 - 2016-376
MSgt (P)-SMSgt, Manager - Senior Enlisted Leader Management Office (SELMO), NGB (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/01/19 - 2016-378
MSgt-SMSgt, Materiel Management Policy and Procedures Manager, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/01/22 - 2016-380
TSgt-MSgt, Maintenance Readiness Functional Area Manager, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/02/02 - 2017-001
MSgt, Security Forces Compliance Program Manager (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/02/05 - 2016-379
MSgt-SMSgt, Tactical Air Control Party/Combat Controller, AATC (Tucson IAP, AZ)

2017/02/05 - 2017-003
TSgt-MSgt, Protocol NCO, ANGRC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/02/05 - 2017-004
TSgt-MSgt, Air National Guard In-Service Recruiter, A1 (Yokota AB, Japan)

2017/02/05- 2016-377
TSgt-MSgt, Complaints and Resolutions Manager, ANGRC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/02/08 - 2017-006
MSgt-SMSgt, Medical Readiness Program Manager, SG (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/02/08 - 2017-007
SMSgt (P) - CMSgt, Chief Enlisted Manager, NGB Air Reserve Personnel Center, A1 (Buckley AFB, CO)

2017/02/09 - 2017-008-009C1
TSgt-MSgt, Air National Guard Assistant Training Liaison, A1 (Sheppard AFB, TX)

2017/02/12 - 2017-012
TSgt-MSgt, Protocol NCO, NGB (Pentagon)

2017/02/19- 2016-309C1
TSgt-MSgt, Manager, Radio Frequency Systems and Circuits Management, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2017/02/20 - 2017-005
CMSgt, Commandant, Lankford EPME Center, TEC (McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN)

2017/02/26 - 2017-011
MSgt-SMSgt, Superintendent, Public Affairs, TEC (McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN)

tabEnlisted Positions Continued 
2017/02/12 - 2017-014
TSgt-MSgt, Manager, Business Analysis, A1 (Buckley AFB, CO)

tabEnlisted Positions Continued (2) 
No data available at this time.

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