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Promotional web banner for the DoD Safe Helpline We are here now: Pa. ANG SARC discusses recent media coverage of sexual assault and harassment
Marianne Bustin, 111th Attack Wing sexual assault response coordinator, speaks frankly about the recent media blitz regarding sexual assault and harassment. She discusses how members of the Air National Guard can help to create a culture of awareness during this time of heightened attention on the subject.
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na What's Your Why?
We all need to have a laser focus on our “why.” Our why is what keeps us going when we’re tired. Our why is what gives us the extra boost to get over the top, and our why is what makes us great.
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Be the kind voice that someone hears when they are having the worst day. Be the voice that shares their heart and who struggles openly. And be the voice that is genuine and concerned for others. A single, real conversation can make a difference, and the conversations that I have had with two women have made a significant difference in my life. Behind a smile; becoming a voice of change
“People see a smile and think that everything is OK. But a smile doesn’t necessarily mean that things are OK.”
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U.S. Air Force Senior Airmen Penny Snoozy poses in selfies to demonstrate how natural and soft lighting can improve photograph quality at Kingsley Field, Ore. March 2, 2015.  Snoozy offers tips to keep Airmen professional in their social media endeavors to positively influence community opinion.  (U.S. Air National Guard photo illustration by Senior Airman Penny Snoozy/released) Good, bad, ANG members influence community opinion with #selfies
Air National Guard members should use discretion when taking and sharing self-portraits.With the rise of technology and social media, sharing photos with family and friends is easier than ever. But when using social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat the self-portrait, or "selfie" reigns supreme.If you have a smart phone, you are taking
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Default Air Force Logo Strong mentorship promotes success, motivates Airmen to strive for excellence
Almost every successful leader, civilian or military, will attest to having that unique person or persons, who motivated, inspired or helped them in a way that led to the success in their careers. Of course, there are many people from every walk of life that fulfill this role every hour of every day.  It could be a parent, a teacher, a coach, a
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Default Air Force Logo Love, War: How to have good relationships with those you care about most
Going into the new mission for the 188th Wing, every single one of us has a real opportunity to perform an active, meaningful role in our nation's defense on a daily basis. Our new mission is important, and your contribution to our mission really matters. However, there is a time for war and a time for peace.Although we will have the capacity to
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Default Air Force Logo ANGRC honor our veterans
The first sergeant formed up the Airmen and called the formation to attention. This is how the morning began for more than 500 members of the Air National Guard Readiness Center at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. Airmen and civilian members gathered for morning reveille Nov. 7 to recognize and honor veterans. Brig. Gen. Michael R. Taheri, the
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MCGHEE TYSON AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Tenn. - Service members should consider legal documents and family plans that are needed to help make important decisions should they or a loved one become unable to do so. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith/Released) Don't wait to obtain crucial documents
I learned these past months that having "advanced medical directives" and other documents make a family emergency more manageable. It is one less issue to fix when emergencies arise.I remembered that someone called them advanced directives during an event held to provide them for families here at the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center. My
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The Air National Guard has integrated aircraft maintenance and logisticians personnel within Air Combat Commands Logistics directorate and is comprised of Lt. Col. Gregory Johnson, Maj. Ingo Wyman, Chief Master Sgt. Gregory Garcia, Senior Master Sgt. Paul Carpenter, Nancy Oliver and Col. Roy Ingram. New ANG personnel working in Air Combat Command's Logistics
The Air National Guard has integrated aircraft maintenance and logisticians personnel within Air Combat Commands Logistics directorate for more than fifteen years. Since inception, the goal was to ensure ANG personnel enhanced combat capability for the commander of ACC and the ANG.So how is that goal accomplished? It is through embedding ANG
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When making travel arrangements that involve driving long distances, be sure to get enough rest the night before and take breaks as needed. (U.S. Air Force illustration/Staff Sgt. Jamal D. Sutter) 15 seconds: A rude awakening
Gut-wrenching screams, the shattering of glass, and the unforgettable sounds of metal twisting and bending all around me as my truck rolls over and over again. I thought those were going to be my last memories.April 12, 2012, started out like any other Thursday for me. I woke up early enough to take a quick shower and grab some breakfast before
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