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ANG director addresses NGAUS conference

BALTIMORE, Md. -- The director of the Air National Guard spoke about Air Force reserve component issues during a panel discussion at the National Guard Association of the United States' 138th General Conference and Exhibition held here September 10-12.

During his address, Director, Air National Guard, Lt. Gen. L. Scott Rice, laid out his key priorities for leading the Guard and its 105,700 Airmen.

"To ensure our Airmen are successful, I have decided to focus on three key areas during my tenure as director: the 21st century Guard Airman, recapitalization and modernization of our forces, and readiness across the 54," said Rice. "I have selected these priorities as I believe they are critical to ensuring the work from within our 90 wings leads to the outcome we need to sustain the Air National Guard as a professional, relevant, and highly-capable dual-purpose force now and into the future. Attaining success in these priority areas will require a focused and united effort by every Guard Airman."

Rice also lauded recent announcements by Secretary of the Air Force Deborah James, and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein streamlining and reducing additional duties.

"We are seeing increasing demand for one of our most valued and scarce resources - our Airmen's time," said Rice. "Increasing operational demand combined with mission training requirements, PME, ancillary training, and additional duties are vying for our Airmen's attention.  With your help, we have reduced the time required to meet the current ancillary training programs by 75 percent, but we must remain vigilant and innovative."

Formed in 1878, the National Guard Association of the United States is the nation's oldest military association lobbying solely for the benefit of the National Guard of the United States and educating the public about the Guard's role and history in the Armed Forces of the United States.