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Puerto Rico ANG’s first Commander Development Workshop

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico --

Unit commanders from the Puerto Rico Air National Guard attended the first PRANG Commander Development Workshop here Mar. 20.

Brig. Gen. Udo K. McGregor, Vice Commander, Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, Norfolk, Virginia was the guest mentor for the event.

The workshop was highlighted with seminars of the latest key department briefings and participation in leadership development exercises.

 “The wing's mission is Develop, Deliver, Deploy. This CDW is a key element of our wings developing Airmen mission,” said Col. Edward L. Vaughan, 156th Airlift Wing commander. “Our American Airmen crave professional development at every level. Ensuring that commanders, chiefs, and first sergeants have access to development opportunities like this sets the stage for a cultural transformation.”

During the workshop, McGregor spoke to commanders of the 156th AW, the 140th Air Defense Squadron, the 141st Air Control Squadron and other key personnel.

“Command is a privilege, it’s a large privilege,” said McGregor. “To be selected as a commander, that’s step one. To be a successful commander: develop your plan, develop your vision, take care of your people and everything else is secondary.”

Brig. Gen. Wayne A. Zimmet, Chief of Staff, PRANG was a key figure in the creation of the CDW and also served as a guest mentor at the workshop. He expressed the importance of continuing training, staying ahead of the curve and improving lines of communication amongst leaders.

The guest mentors for the inaugural CDW provided commanders insight to joint forces operations.

“The Commander's Workshop has been one of the most refreshing events, when it comes to continued educational development.” said Capt. Ronald Rios, 156th AW Security Forces Squadron commander. “Brig. Gen. McGregor's speech was an eye opener as he explained the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s vision towards the operational tempo of the squadrons, and how the U.S. Air Force is returning to unity when it comes to deployments.”

As vice commander of the Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, Brig. Gen. McGregor is charged with the readiness, training, and deployment of the joint enabling capabilities provided by the Joint Planning Support Element, Joint Public Affairs Support Element and Joint Communications Support Element. He brought his knowledge and experience to the CDW and expressed the importance of professional development.

“Constant and continuous learning. Don’t give up. Continue to read, continue to look ahead. Continue to question.” Said McGregor. “In my experience, it’s not the person that’s probably the first choice, it’s the person that has prepared themselves, that has the skill set, that’s done the reading, that’s done the hard work, that’s done the PME. Those are the people that are selected. There’s a bit of attrition in that. You need to get yourself in a position where you can be selected. That’s all you can do. Be ready.”

The PRANG plans to make the CDW an annual event.