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Active Duty for Operational Support


Critical initiative to support valid, unanticipated and non-recurring projects or missions throughout the Air National Guard Readiness Center and National Guard Bureau.

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OFFICER Positions

18-182, Capt-Lt Col, National Guard Regional Medical Plans Officer (Arlington, VA)

18-180, Lt - Maj , Education & Training Policy Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-179, Capt-Lt Col, NGB A5/8-AFWIC Action Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-177, Lt Col, NGCC Team Chief (Arlington, VA)

18-003, Capt-Maj, (AIR) Counter Drug Training Branch Chief, (Arlington, VA)

18-173, Col, Faculty Instructor U.S. Army War College Dept of Distance Education (DDE) (Carlisle, PA)

18-171, Lt Col-Col, Health Policy Officer (Arlington, VA)

18-170, Capt-Maj, Joint Intelligence Executive Officer (Arlington, VA)

18-169, Capt-Maj, Incident Awareness and Assessment Analyst (Arlington, VA)

18-166, Capt-Lt Col, Air Congressional Liaison Officer (The House of Representatives)

18-165, Maj-Lt Col, Joint Policy Analyst (Arlington, VA)

18-162, Maj-Lt Col, Joint Plans Officer (Arlington, VA)

18-161, Maj-Lt Col, C-NAF IG (Tyndall AFB, AL)

18-160, Lt-Col-Col, Chief, Counterdrug (CD) Division (Arlington, VA)

18-156, Capt-Maj, Joint Integration & Coordination Action Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-153, Capt-Lt Col, Strategic Force Planner/Programmer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-151, Capt-Lt Col, ANG Conversions Action Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-148, Maj-Lt Col, International Affairs Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-147, Financial Management Technician (Accounting), (Joint Base Andrews, MD) 

18-143, Capt-Lt Col, ANG OTI Enterprise Lead (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-142, 2Lt-Maj, Aide-de-Camp (Tyndall AFB, FL)

18-141, Capt-Maj, Innovation Program Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-139, Capt-Lt Col, Flying Hour Program Manager (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-136, Capt-Maj, Investigator (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-133, Capt-Lt Col, ANG Security Forces Deployed For Training (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-131, Capt-Lt Col, Chief Medical Review Officer (MRO), Drug Demand Reduction Program

18-130, Capt-Maj, Budget Analyst (Arlington, VA)

18-124, Maj-Lt Col, Joint Medical Resources Officer (Arlington, VA)

18-119, Capt-Lt Col, Standard Treatment Record/EHR (Joint Base Andrews)

18-118, Maj-Lt Col, JSG Medical Liaison (Arlington Hall)

18-116, Capt-Lt Col, NGCC Domestic Operations Liaison Officer (Arlington Hall)

18-112, Maj-Lt Col, ANGRC Chief, Service Treatment Record (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-109, 1Lt - Lt Col, ANGRC Public Affairs Special Projects Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-105, 2Lt-Maj, A4 Logistics Readiness Action Officer, ANGRC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-104, Lt Col, Chief of Standardization and Evaluation, HQ (CAP-USAF), (Maxwell AFB, AL)

18-103, Maj-Lt Col, ANGRC Director of Operation, Det 2/CAP-USAF

18-101, Capt-Lt Col, F-16/A-10 FAM (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-100, 2Lt - Maj, ANGRC Innovative Readiness Training Resource Advisor

18-098, 1Lt - Cpt, AF Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) - Search and Rescue (SAR) Controller/Senior Controller

18-096, 2Lt - Cpt, 1AF Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations Planner (Tyndall AFB, FL)

18-016, Maj - Lt Col, Mob Deployment, Policy, Planning CAO, Joint Base Andrews, MD

18-017, Capt - Maj, Flight Safety Officer, ANGRC, Open until Filled

18-019R1 Cap-Maj Program Integration Planner Open Until Filled

18-027. Resource Oversight Analyst, Maj, Open Until Filled

18-030, Chief, USEUCOM-USAFRICOM, Plans Sourcing Liasion, Open Until Filled

18-041C1 Space Branch Conversion Officer Joint Base Andrews

18-058 Air Staff Council Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington DC

18-082 Environmental Compliance Coordinator Capt-LtCol A4 Open Until Filled

18-085 ARC Augmentation- Data Analytics - 2Lt-Lt Col

18-087 Strategic Force Planner - A589 Joint Base Andrews Open Until Filled

18-093 JIC Action Officer- Pentagon Open Until Filled

18-094 JRSOI Team Chief - Peterson CO - Open Until Filled

Enlisted Positions

18-181, MSgt-SMSgt, Deployment Cycle Support Assistant (A1), (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-178, TSgt-SMSgt, Financial Management Specialist ( DTS Chief, Air) (Arlington, VA)

18-176, SSgt-TSgt, Admin Support Specialist (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-175, SSgt-MSgt, ANG Program Training Manager, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-174, SSgt-MSgt, Technician 3R Incentive Program Manager (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-172, SSgt-TSgt, Freedom of Information (Arlington, VA)

18-168, MSgt-CMSgt, Incident Awareness and Assessment Analyst (Arlington, VA)

18-167, MSgt-SMSgt, Evaluation Management NCO (Arlington, VA)

18-164, SSgt-MSgt, Executive Communications Branch, Team Member (Arlington, VA)

18-157, TSgt-MSgt, Support Staff for ANG Advisor to the Commander AFMC (Wright Patterson AFB, OH)

18-154, MSgt-SMSgt, ANG Command Analyst (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-152, MSgt-CMSgt, Strategic Force Planner/Programmer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-150, TSgt-SMSgt, ANG Conversions Action Officer (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-149, SSgt-MSgt, Human Resource Manager (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-146, Financial Management Technician (Accounting), (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-145, SrA-MSgt, Training NCO ANG Recruiting and Retention (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-140, SrA-MSgt, Innovation Web Community Manager (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-138, SSgt-SMSgt, STR/EHR Liaison (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-135, TSgt-MSgt, Investigator (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-134, MSgt-SMSgt, OPLAN Analyst (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-126, TSgt-MSgt, ANG Liaison to the CCAF (Maxwell AFB, AL)

18-123, TSgt-MSgt, Lead Medical OC/T (Arlington, VA)

18-121, SSgt-SMSgt, Readiness Reporting System Manager (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-117, SrA-MSgt, Network Operations - Computer Systems Logistics Technician (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-113, SSgt-SMSgt, ANGRC Standard Treatment Record (STR)/Electronic Health Record (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-111, TSgt - CMSgt, ANGRC Medical Readiness Data/Metric and Analysis NCO (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

18-108 MSgt - SMSgt, ANGRC Public Affairs Special Projects NCO. Joint Base Andrews, MD

18-107, SSgt - MSgt 1AF NCOIC, Intel Support to Cyber, Tyndall AFB, FL

18-099 TSgt 1AF Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) - Search and Rescue (SAR) Controller/Senior Controller

18-097 TSgt - MSgt 1AF Personnel/Industrial Security Manager, Alternate Special Security Officer (Tyndall AFB, FL)

18-096 TSgt - MSgt 1AF Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations Planner

18-033 Cyber Systems Ops Equipment Installer Joint Base Andrews MD

18-064C1 ANG Contracting FAM Support  CCY Andrews AFB, MD

HR Contact Info

DSN: 612-8884
Comm: (240) 612-8884