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Military Vacancy Announcements

The following are positions currently available in the Air National Guard (ANG) Active Duty Title 10 Statutory Tour Program. These vacancies are listed by closeout date order. Please note the mandatory criteria of each Military Vacancy Announcement (MVA) as these requirements may vary. 

To apply for any vacancy, click this link for the Application Procedures.

Please send applications ENCRYPTED to our org box:



Lt Col(P)-Col, Chief, Aircraft Maintenance Division, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/03/26 - 2016-279R3
Maj-Lt Col, Live, Virtual, Constructive Action Officer, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Lt Col(P)-Col, Chief, ANG Medical Forces Advisor to HAF/SG, SG (Pentagon)

Capt-Maj, Chief, Air Defense Capabilities Development, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

Capt-Maj, Distributed Common Ground Systems Integration officer,  A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Maj-Lt Col, ANG Liaison Officer to Director of Strategic Plans, Requirements and Programs, AMC (Scott AFB, IL)

2017/04/02 - 2017-047C1
Lt Col - Col, Chief, ANG Operations Branch,  AFMC (Hill AFB, UT)

2017/04/03 - 2017-090
Maj-Lt Col, Chief, Expeditionary Support Branch, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/02 - 2016-368R2
Maj-Lt Col,  Chief, Domestic Operations Resource Management Branch, NGB (Arlington, VA)

2017/04/24 - 2017-096
Maj-Col, National Guard Joint Duty Assignments, HR (Multiple Locations)

2017/04/09 - 2017-097
Maj-Lt Col, Programming and Planning Officer, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/10 - 2017-061C2
Lt Col (P)-Col, Director, Communications & Cyber Forces, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL )

2017/04/09 - 2017-098
Maj-Lt Col, Chief, Plans and Integration Branch, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Maj-Lt Col, Chief, ANG Liaison to Director of Operations, Headquarters Air Mobility Command, ACC (Scott AFB, IL)

Maj-Lt Col, ANG Liaison Officer to Director of Strategic Plans, Requirements and Programs, ACC (Scott AFB, IL)

Maj-Lt Col, Director, Public Affairs,1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

Maj-Lt Col, Logistics Readiness Division Program Element Monitor (PEM), A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Capt-Maj, Chief, Joint Analysis Team, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Capt-Maj, Manpower Officer,  A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Capt-Maj, Manpower Officer,  A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Maj-Lt Col, Program Manager, Joint Officer Management, NGB  (Arlington, VA)

Capt-Maj, Deputy Chief, Strategic Requirements Division, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

LT Col (P) -Col, Air National Guard Advisor to SAF/LL, NGB/CF (Pentagon)

LT Col (P) -Col, ANG Advisor to the Commander, AFGSC, NGB/CF (Barksdale AFB, LA)

Maj-LT Col,  Chief, National Guard Bureau's Action Group, Strategic Planner, OCNGB/CAG (Pentagon)

Capt-Maj, Chief, Current Operations Branch, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

Capt-Maj, KC-135/KC46 Action Officer/Functional Area Manager, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Capt-Maj, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Forces Branch Chief, 1AF  (Tyndall AFB, FL)

1st Lt-Maj, Chief of ISR Systems Branch, 1AF  (Tyndall AFB, FL)

Enlisted MVA Positions

Open Until Filled - 2017-067-071C2
SSgt-MSgt, Force Management Program Manager, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/03/26 - 2017-076
TSgt-MSgt, Cyber Surety Manager, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/03/26 - 2017-031C2
TSgt (P)-MSgt, ANGRC First Sergeant (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/03/27 - 2017-077
TSgt-MSgt, Military Training Instructor, AMS (Maxwell AFB, AL)

2017/04/09 - 2017-078
TSgt-MSgt, Manager, Service Treatment and Electronic Health Records, SG (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/03/23- 2016-336R2
MSgt-SMSgt, NCOIC Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Funds Control, (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

Open Until Filled - 2016-366R1
Current Command Chief Master Sergeants,  Command Chief Deployment Opportunities (Various Locations)

2017/03/30- 2017-080
TSgt-MSgt, ANG In-Service Recruiter, A1 (Ramstein AB, Germany)

2017/03/30- 2017-081
TSgt-MSgt, ANG In-Service Recruiter, A1 (Dyess AFB, TX)

2017/03/30- 2017-082
TSgt-MSgt, ANG In-Service Recruiter, A1 (Little Rock AFB, AR)

MSgt-SMSgt, Aircraft Maintenance and Weapons Systems Manager, ACC (Joint Base Langley, VA)

SMSgt-CMSgt,  Aircraft Maintenance and Weapons Systems Manager, ACC (Joint Base Langley, VA)

TSgt-MSgt,  Superintendent, Crisis Action Team Operations, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

TSgt-MSgt,  Protocol NCO, ANGRC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

TSgt-MSgt, Staff Actions NCO, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

SSgt-MSgt, Manpower Requirements Analyst, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

TSgt-MSgt, Administrative Support NCO, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

SSgt (P) -MSgt, Broadcast Journalist, TEC (McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN)

2017/04/09 - 2017-056C2
MSgt-SMSGt, Recruiting and Retention Resources Financial Manager, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/16- 2017-101
TSgt-MSgt, 1C3 ANG Command Post Functional Area Manager, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/17- 2017-102
TSgt-MSgt, Civil Engineering Training Superintendent, A4 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/18- 2017-016R1
MSgt-SMSgt, SNCOIC, Airman and Family Readiness, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/19- 2017-106
MSgt-SMSgt, Superintendent, ANG Protocol and Executive Services, ANGRC/CC (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/19- 2017-007R1
SMSgt-CMSgt, Chief Enlisted Manager, NGB Air Reserve Personnel Center, A1 (Buckley AFB, CO)

2017/04/19- 2017-107
SSgt-TSgt, NCOIC, Air Force Forces Cyberspace Coordination Center, 1AF (Tyndall AFB, FL)

2017/04/23- 2017-110
SMSgt-CMSgt, Recruiting and Retention Career Field Functional Manager, A1 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/23- 2017-112
TSgt-MSgt, Readiness Analyst, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

2017/04/24- 2017-114
TSgt-MSgt, Program Management Branch NCO, NGB (Arlington, VA)

2017/04/23- 2017-112
TSgt-MSgt, Readiness Analyst, A236 (Joint Base Andrews, MD)