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  • Kingsley Airman leverages fabrication background to keep F-15s airborne

    What keeps the oldest fighter aircraft in the U.S. Air Force inventory airborne? The trend is increasing ingenuity and resourcefulness.Picture a muscle car, vintage 1978, and what it would mean to take that car to the quarter-mile track and ask for every last ounce of power and torque possible from its engine, running the RPMs to the red,
  • Good, bad, ANG members influence community opinion with #selfies

    Air National Guard members should use discretion when taking and sharing self-portraits.With the rise of technology and social media, sharing photos with family and friends is easier than ever. But when using social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat the self-portrait, or "selfie" reigns supreme.If you have a smart phone, you are taking
  • Bioenvironmental Engineering: helping to keep Guardsmen healthy

    Many people know us, but few people know just what we do. When asked, some respond: "(Bioenvironmental engineers) run the gas mask fit test program." Another may answer: "They come around to my shop and make sure I'm wearing (personal protection equipment)." While both of those are true, the bioenvironmental career field has many more aspects; it
  • Feedback: The Perfect Gift

    It's the most wonderful time of the year - a time to run around stores late into the night, looking for the perfect gifts to give to family, friends and even co-workers.  Workplace holiday gifts can be the most problematic - there are all those government ethics rules, hierarchy sensitivities and office politics to consider.  How do you decide the
  • I hate moving, but...

    Although I already stated it in the headline, I still feel the need to restate it. I hate moving.Two months ago I moved from St. Louis to Kansas City. As I was moving my wife's heavy roll-top desk into our new home, I swore to her that this most recent move will definitely be our last. Despite being Air National Guard and never "PCSing," I have
  • Strong mentorship promotes success, motivates Airmen to strive for excellence

    Almost every successful leader, civilian or military, will attest to having that unique person or persons, who motivated, inspired or helped them in a way that led to the success in their careers. Of course, there are many people from every walk of life that fulfill this role every hour of every day.  It could be a parent, a teacher, a coach, a
  • Love, War: How to have good relationships with those you care about most

    Going into the new mission for the 188th Wing, every single one of us has a real opportunity to perform an active, meaningful role in our nation's defense on a daily basis. Our new mission is important, and your contribution to our mission really matters. However, there is a time for war and a time for peace.Although we will have the capacity to
  • ANGRC honor our veterans

    The first sergeant formed up the Airmen and called the formation to attention. This is how the morning began for more than 500 members of the Air National Guard Readiness Center at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. Airmen and civilian members gathered for morning reveille Nov. 7 to recognize and honor veterans. Brig. Gen. Michael R. Taheri, the
  • Don't wait to obtain crucial documents

    I learned these past months that having "advanced medical directives" and other documents make a family emergency more manageable. It is one less issue to fix when emergencies arise.I remembered that someone called them advanced directives during an event held to provide them for families here at the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center. My
  • F-15 maintenance; the relationship between jet and maintainer

    The life of a 173rd Fighter Wing maintainer at Kingsley Field, Oregon has fundamental qualities; first off you will be busy...really busy. The base routinely prepares 12 jets on a given day so 10 can fly in the morning and eight of those can fly in the afternoon. Every morning this creates a beehive of activity as numerous shops tend to the care of

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