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  • If we're smart, learning does not get easier

    When we can't see a personal benefit in an old task, and we give it our all in any event, we're smarter for it.I have to admit that I almost went to rewrite.If you don't know journalism much, rewrite is a term that can define a form of self-plagiarism, where you recycle your own work without telling readers. (It's also a system of reporting news
  • A 21-smile Airmen 'offensive'

    Is a smile contagious? Some scientists think so.Emotion studies at Harvard Medical University report that our positive relationships and social connections can increase our happiness, and it can even spread and build up, much like a cold.Of course many of us may already know that. The famous American musician Louis Armstrong did not need an
  • Every Airman is Important!

    Operation Desert Storm kicked off in January 1991. Ever since then, for over 25 years, the United States Air Force and the Air Reserve Components, working side by side with Joint and Coalition Forces, have been involved in just about every region of the world. These components have been providing what the Air Force does best with Global Vigilance,
  • Be Vigilant!

    Later this year will be the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We have been formally fighting the War on Terrorism at home and abroad since the towers fell in New York and I do not see an end to it. To put that in perspective, some of you may be teaching a child to drive this year as he or she gets a learner's permit. We have been
  • I never thought this day would come

    I never thought this day would come ... retirement.  Some days I looked forward to it, and others, I felt it was coming too fast.  I have to say, though, after "practicing" retirement while on terminal leave, I highly recommend it!  Everybody should get to do this; everybody who has served our country deserves it, and you have definitely earned
  • Run out, share your safety story this summer

    You'd think that I'd run out of personal safety experiences after several years of writing commentaries on my klutzy screw-ups. But considering that hazards abound, I persist in embarrassing myself again to support the summer safety campaigns - not forgetting to share the lessons that I learned.I'm not a safety expert, but I think that there are
  • Nuclear Deterrence

    "Nuclear deterrence is the United States Air Force's number one mission set." We have all heard this quote. At times it can be difficult to believe in light of the overwhelming demands from the Global War on Terrorism.  Some say that the Air Force walk doesn't match the talk. In perception, this may be true but, nothing could be further from the
  • The five seconds that could kill anybody

    Last year John suffered a brain injury that makes him go into a daze for about five seconds at any random moment.He was ready when it came time to renew his driver's license, but Senior Master Sgt. Jim Cole, John's son and our base's safety NCO in charge, knew he couldn't allow it. Five seconds of distracted driving was too dangerous.John was
  • Keeping track of our moments in space

     No one at the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center knew of NASA astronaut Lt. Col. John M. Lounge, a member of the Texas Air National Guard. That's what made it so awkward recently, when I uncovered an amazing piece of history from this man, who flew on three space shuttle missions. I recently discovered a TEC unit patch - now framed with a
  • Back on the Pitch: Base Honor Guard ready to support another Portland Timbers title run

    It's more than an hour before kickoff, Mar. 6, and already the stadium is vibrating from 'The Timbers Army' pre-match rituals: A raucous enthralling mixture of singing, stomping and shouting from the north end stands of Providence Park.  Assembled inside locker room one, myself and three other team members of the Portland Air National Guard Base

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