Spark Tank 2019 - ANG Guidance

All ANG airmen are encouraged to share your best ideas that build upon the following senior leader priorities:

·         Restore readiness — to win any fight, any time

·         Cost-effectively modernize — to increase the lethality of the force

·         Drive innovation — to secure our future.

Ideas will be selected to move through the contest using the above priorities.   Projects funded through Squadron Innovation Funds are highly recommended for submission, especially those that are showing early results and impact to the before mentioned priorities.

Instructions for Airmen:
1) Login to the Ideation platform at
a. First time users must register for an account using their .mil email address and enable two-factor authentication.
2) Select “Submit New Idea”.
3) From the campaign drop down, select “AF Spark Tank 2019”.
4) Complete the idea submission fields (A red * indicates required fields).
(Please use Air National Guard as MAJCOM)
5) Select “Submit Idea”
6) Complete all of the required questions in the refine stage of the platform to be eligible for the competition.

7) Ask your colleagues to go to the platform to vote for their favorite idea and provide input on all ideas.


November 12th: (by 0730 EST)  New ideas need to be submitted and have all “Refine your idea” questions answered in order to be considered for MAJCOM review.  Ideas submitted prior to this date that have not answered the “Refine your idea” questions will not be considered for MAJCOM review.  Submissions that have included a video of less than three minutes will have a higher chance for approval. 

Some notes about the video.  
The video should quickly cover all the required bases of a pitch for your idea.  
1. What is the problem your idea fixes?
2. What is your solution in simple terms?
3. What is the impact of your idea?  (see priorities above)
4. Quickly introduce yourself or your team (and why you are the best candidate to move forward with this idea.)
5. What is your ask?  (time, dollars, assistance needed)

November 16th:  ANG/CCI notifies semi-finalist selectees. NOTE:  Semi-finalist are required to produce a video, no longer than three minutes.  We are prepared to assist with the video production if necessary/requested.

December: Finalists Selection
27 February – 1 March:  Spark Tank Competition at AFA Orlando

What’s in it for me:

Two winners from each MAJCOM and two wildcard winners will each receive $2,500 from Airmen Powered by Innovation. Additionally, finalists will receive a funded temporary duty assignment to AFA-Orlando. The Air Force Spark Tank winner will also receive a trophy and the member’s unit will display the Spark Tank championship cup on behalf of the unit until unseated at a future competition.

Past finalists have received AF funding, visited top tech companies and received significant support in the realization of their ideas.  This is an opportunity for the innovator like none other.

Contact your ANG Innovation Team

Colonel David Kaiser

Chief Innovation Officer, ANG

Captain Bobby Carbonell
Deputy Director, ANG Innovation

MSgt Peter Whalen
Innovation Evangelist, ANG

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