Innovation Training


The topic of innovation is very expansive and in depth, and yet everyone in the organization should be familiar with the basics.  In cooperation with AFWERX, AETC, and other DoD component partners we are using the ANG model of simplifying the field of innovation with short videos.  Click the button above to see various series.


For a more detailed look at any innovation related topic, we have put together a collection of links to free and discounted training sources.  Click the button above to see more.  (Coming Soon)

These are actual DoD and supporting agency provided courses that ANG Innovation recommends you attend.  Click the button above to see a calendar listing.  (Coming Soon)

Contact your ANG Innovation Team

Colonel David Kaiser

Chief Innovation Officer, ANG

Captain Bobby Carbonell
Deputy Director, ANG Innovation

MSgt Peter Whalen
Innovation Evangelist, ANG

SSgt Kamilah Powell
Innovation Web Manager, ANG

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