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Community (updated 10 May)
The heart of the innovation effort is open dialogue.  SharePoint/GKO is certainly not a robust forum mechanism, and we were going to utilize it for our community, but alas, the fine folks at APAN have a solution that will be a step up in appearance and functionality, with the Telligent platform.  In the simplest terms, this means we will have a DoD approved, secured community platform that you can access from your phone, without a CAC.  (full details to follow)
So as it stands right now, our current SharePoint/GKO site is just a temporary spot for us.  Since releasing the site you are currently on, on 2 May 2018, we have been taking in (a growing) number of new ideas, issues, projects and successes.   They are being readied for release with the new APAN site.  There is enough input already to assure you there will be some good content for everyone when we open the site.  It is great!  Please keep it coming.  As it stands today, we will be testing the site on 18 May and release it officially on 25 May. 

Please check back for updates. 

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